John Bachelder

Specification forming part of Letters  

Patent US 6.439  dated May 8, 1849

Reissue No. 617  dated  November 2,  1858


RE 617

Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward Clark of New York,

Assignees of John Bachelder

What is claimed as his invention and what we, as his assignees, desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

The combination of mechanism substantially, such as is herein described, so that the cloth or other fabric to be sewed, being placed upon the machine, will be automatically fastened onto the feeding apparatus, carried forward to receive the stitches, and discharged from the feeding apparatus, substantially as herein described and so that seams of any desired length may conveniently be sewed.

                                                                                    ISAAC M. SINGER 

                                                                                     EDWARD CLARK


                     John S. Hollingshead  

                     J. Wells