Name of Machine                 Manufacturer                               Address

Agenoria                                     Royal Machine Co.                              Birmingham

American Button-hole                   T. L. Berridge                   8, Gallowtree-gate Leicester

Auchor                                          Bradford & Co.                             High Holborn, W.C.

Boland (Fur Sewing)         Hobinstock Brothers,(Agents)                   48, Long-lane, E.C.

Bonnaz (Embroidering)      Willcox & Gibbs, S.M. Co.                    150, Cheapside, E.C.

Britannia                            Britannia Manufacturing Co.                           Colchester

Challenge                                         Royal Machine Co.                               Birmingham

Champion                                   C. Robinson & Co.                                      Kettering

Concordia                                   Grimme, Natalis & Co.                        37, Torrens Road,

                                                    (Agent, C. Bradbury)                              Brixton, S.W.

Countess                                         Gibson & Co.                      Ickneeld St., Birmingham

Cyclops                                    Varley & Wolfenden                                         Keighley

Dolly Varden                              Victoria S.M. Co.                               15, Barbican, E.C.

Domestic                                     Gordon & Gotch                                Bride Street, E.C.

Elsa                                              Silberburg & Co.

                                               ( Agent ) Bishop's Cluster Co.              Hamsell Street, E.C.

Eugenie                                        Royal Machine Co.                               Birmingham

Express                                      G. E. Wright (Agent)                        New Broad St., E.C.

Excelsiorc                                   G. Whight & Co.                                       Holborn Bars.

Fairy                                                   Beal                                 Corn Mrkt.,    Halifax

Family Favorite                                Foster (Agent)                                             Preston

Family Hand                                     Kimball & Morton                                        Glasgow