In 1881 the two pioneers Emil Rezler and Josef Kom rek founded MINERVA Naehmaschinenfabrik in Vienna and started to produce four different types of lockstitch machines with rotating hooks based on system Wheeler and Wilson.

The symbol "MINERVA" shows a roman goddess with the latin text: "MELIORA SUNT BONO INIMICA" which means : The better is the enemy of the previous . Since that time this has been the company slogan and has stayed for the continuously try for better service and new products with improved performance and quality. Due to the industrial revolution business was rapidly growing. The demand for replacing the hand stitching on garment and shoes lead into increased machine production year by year.


The whole company moved into new production facilities located in Opava (Troppav), Moravia. The company was named "MINERVA, Erste Österr.-Ungar. Nähmaschinen-Fabrik AG"



In the period seven types of straight and zigzag-lockstitchers were produced and the capacity reached 50.000 pieces per year.


The production space was enlarged and the company moved again into new buildings in Boskovice. The new company name : MINERVA sewing machines factory a. s. Boskovice.


Started production of "real" industrial sewing machines for garment, shoes and leather goods application with the technical support of BATA Company. 


MINERVA opened another production facility in Prostějov and started with designing and producing the famous buttonhole machines for outerwear. 


A new zigzag line with large hook was introduced to the market. 


Production for household machines was stopped, concentration on industrial stitchers. Production reached about 17.000 units. 


Export rate grew but 90% was dependent on COMECON countries. Yearly output was about 22.000 units. 


Registration as joint stock company as legal successor of the former national enterprise MINERVABoskovice. 


Beginning of cooperation with the Dutch company IMCA b.v. which sells MINERVA products under the brand name GLOBAL. 


MINERVA started parts production for DÜRKOPP ADLER machines. 


The MINERVA plant in Prostęjov was sold Dutch company to IMCA b.v.. 


DÜRKOPP ADLER increased in the property share of MINERVA . MINERVA started production of complete DÜRKOPP ADLER machines. 


DÜRKOPP ADLER purchased the stock holdings on MINERVA from the Dutch company IMCA b.v. and became majority shareholder of MINERVA Boskovice. MINERVA Boskovice is now a member ofDÜRKOPP ADLER Group. 


The first industrial sewing machine of type series TYPOS II for shoemaking manufactured as a part of the trial series marked 4180-5 and produced as a single needle post bed sewing machine with a large hook. 


All the manufactured industrial sewing machines of series TYPOS I and TYPOS II were introduced in the market with the DÜRKOPP ADLER trade mark, at the same time, the change of machine colour into white was applied. 


12-15 December MINERVA Boskovice obtained the quality certification as per the international standard EN ISO 9001. It was performed by company BVQI. 


There has been started a new information system SAP R/3 since the beginning of the year. This system is used also in mother company DÜRKOPP ADLER Bielefeld.

Over the recent years, MINERVA Boskovice has been totally restructured and reorganised. Considerable investment was made in Quality Control System and updated CNC Machine Center Facility to enable the company to gain the highest quality standard and to increase capacity and productivity. 


Now, MINERVA Boskovice is one of the leading companies and a specialist in designing and offering machines and services for stitching of all types of shoes.