Friedrich Heinrich August  Mundlos 


Friedrich Heinrich August  Mundlos was born on the 23.12.1836 in Barby and died on the 27.04.1928 in Magdeburg, Germany.


Friedrich Heinrich August  Mundlos was the son of a shoemaker, Friedrich Mathias Mundlos (1790) and grandson of Johann Esaias Heinrich Mundlos (1750-1826) and Dorothea Elisabeth Ruthe (1758-1844). He first learned the cobbler's trade and went on a journey through Germany . He also learned the metalwork in Berlin, Dresden, Königsberg and Magdeburg. 


In 1863, together with Hermann Schulz, he founded a sewing machine factory in Magdeburg, which was called Mundlos & Schulz  and initially produced transverse shuttle sewing machines according to the Singer system. The severe gait of this system soon led Mundlos to switch to Howe sewing machines. 


The three sons of the company founder, are :


Mr. Richard Mundlos  (1879-1954)

Mr. Heinrich Mundlos junior  (1883-1965) 

Mr. Rudolf Mundlos  (1886-1969) 






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