Richard Mundlos in 1932
Richard Mundlos in 1932


As the eldest son of the founder of the Mundlos Sewing Machine Factory, Magdeburg, Mr. Richard Mundlos joined his father's work on the first day of December 1907, after finishing his studies with a longer stay in America.

Soon after his entrance into the father's company, he felt the fresh, invigorating train which he had brought from the land of unlimited possibilities, for the experience he had gained there could be very well utilized for the further development of the constantly blossoming company.

Together with old and tried and tested employees, he succeeded in enriching the production program with valuable new purchases over the years, which give the current Mundlos Aktien-Gesellschaft an outstanding position on the German sewing machine market.

The creation of the well-known Mundlos  innovations, special features, furniture, equipment etc., is primarily his merit.

Mr Richard Mundlos 's understanding with his other colleagues is thanks to the fact that his father' s work is assured today because it means very much when a factory is fully occupied today and can even make new acquisitions, as is the case at the Mundlos Aktien-Gesellschaft  was recently the case.