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Example of original pattern Singer sewing machine of 1851, made c. 1853. This lock-stitch machine is one of the first built by Isaac Merritt Singer (1811-1875) in accordance with his patent of 1851. This machine was originally called the 'Jenny Lind' after the famous Swedish singer. The shuttle is propelled by a driver moved by a crank pin below the work table, and the needle motion, obtained from a crank pin on the upper shaft, is straight and vertical. The machine was packed in a box, which served as a stand and contained a treadle connected by a pitman or connecting rod with the handle on the balance wheel. The treadle was pivoted near the centre and was worked with a heel-and-toe action. Singer did not realise that he could have patented the treadle, but when this was pointed out to him it was too late, for it was then already in public use.


The Singer Manufacturing Company

The representation of a sewing machine shuttle and bobbin, behind which are two sewing machine needles crossing each other, with a thread passing through their respective eyes and formed into a letter "S" and the word SINGER.

Application filed June 8, 1885