Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik


1884 - 1906


In 1884Robert Wittenstein joined the company under the new name of   Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik Hengstenberg & Co.

In 1894 the company started to produce bicycles as sales were stagnating. The company renamed itself “Bielefelder Nähmaschinen und Fahrrad Fabrik Hengstenberg & Co.”. The brand name Anker appeared on a sewing machine for the first time this year – “Anker-Westfalia I”.

In the middle of 1895, the company was converted into a stock corporation    with the name Bielefelder Nähmaschinen und Fahrrad Fabrik A.G. vormals HENGSTENBERG & Co.

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In 1900 the first patent was acquired for a cash register.

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In 1906, since there were four factories with similar name in Bielefeld, the company was renamed "Anker-Werke AG" vorm. Hengstenberg & Co., which was accompanied by an increase of capitol. The name Anker was already used for sewing machines and for cycles. The trademark of the company, the anchor, became an integral part of the name also used for all products.

from  1906
from 1906