High Arm Transverse Shuttle 

Sewing Machines  

In 1887 circa, Frister & Rossmann introduced their first High Arm (TS) machine. This machine was using a transverse shuttle mechanism with a square base shape and a high arm to give more space to the work.

The High Arm machines were first been seen on American made machines such as the Domestic.

s/n 548.339  (1887)
s/n 548.339 (1887)


In 1888 circa, Frister & Rossmann stopped the production of Class 12 or Fiddle Base sewing machine (FB) and it must have started to produce a second version of their High Arm sewing machine. Most of this models you can find nowadays in the United Kingdom. The production of this two models was still manufactured until the acquisition of F&R by Gritzner in 1925. Gritzner introduced a new High Arm for a short period of time to replaced it again by a new model combination of VS and TS models.


s/n  573.493  (1889)
s/n 573.493 (1889)




In 1915 circa, a new version of transverse shuttle high arm, start to be produced by the company. This machine had a round body similar to the VS version with a transverse shuttle system. It was a hybrid combination.




Thanks to my friend Harald from Austria, this page needed to be rewrite after he spotted an early F&R TS48 with serial number 548.339. manuals