International and Universal Exhibition

London 1884

The Vertical Feed Company and the recent Exhibitions

In our article under the heading "Sewing Machine Medals at the Health Exhibition" in our last issue, we pointed out that the only three companies which obtained gold medals at the Healtheries were the Singer, Wheeler & Wilson and the Wanzer. We also called attention to the fact that it was stated that a London sewing machine house was advertising in a foreign country that they had received a gold medal from the jurors, although their name did not appear in the London Gazette Supplement. To some extent our contributor was perfectly correct in his statement, but he did not state, as he certainly ought to have done, that the Vertical Feed Company (the Davis Sewing Machine Company, of Watertown, N.Y., U.S.), obtained a gold medal at the London International and Universal Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, held a little earlier in the season and that it was this triumph which was being referred to in foreign journals. Although the full title of the exhibition was not given, our contributor was not justified in running away with the idea that by the words "London International Exhibition" the "Healtheries" was meant. Our attention has been called to the omission. We have to express our regret that we unintentionally did an injustice to the Davis Sewing Machine Company, or the Vertical Feed Company as it is called in England. The Vertical Feed Company, it should be mentioned, obtained a success at the Palace which was as unique as it was deserved and we are bound to say that many disinterested persons have expressed their surprise and indeed disgust at the fact that it did not gain more favour at the Kensington Exhibition. Everyone in the trade knows what a sound reliable machine the "Vertical Feed" is and we feel sure that no one besides ourselves will be injured by the blunder into which we were led.