International Health Exhibition

London 1884

South Kensington

The Exhibition will be opened on the 8th of May and will continue open for a period of about six months.


Sewing Machine Medals at the Exhibition


There appears to be some misunderstanding respecting the medals awarded for sewing machines at the International Health Exhibition, South Kensington. It is said that a London sewing machine house is advertising in a foreign country that they received a gold medal from the jurors; but as we do not find that firm's name in the supplement to the London Gazette of Oct. 27th, 1884, which contained the names of the firms to which medals were awarded, the misunderstanding will be removed by the following record, which we obtain from a careful investigation of the official publication just referred to, class 19.



The Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Company, Cheapside, E.C.

The Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.

The Wanzer Sewing Machine Company, Great Portland-street, W.



Hermann Loog, 128, London Wall, E.C.

The Self-Acting Sewing Machine Company, London.



The White Sewing Machine Company, 19, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.


The above were the only awards given for Sewing Machines.

Two Silver Medals were also awarded for Knitting Machines, viz., to the Patent Automatic Knitting Machine Company, of 417, Oxford-street, W. and to the New Rothwell Knitting Machine, Bolton, Lancashire.

In connection with this subject we are glad to find that the White Sewing Machine Company carried off a medal. As everybody in London knows, who has any interest in the sewing machine business, this Company exhibited under great disadvantages. They had not sufficient space, their stand being limited to four feet by three. But their machine has obtained great reputation, and small as was the space which was allotted from necessity for its exhibition, the Company ingeniously made the best of it, and won much attraction for the splendid array of embroidery made by the White machine.



Varieties of machine sewing are exhibited; this sewing is now brought to a great state of perfection, but for the best class of gloves for ladies' wear, machine work is not so suitable as the round seam sewing done in the frame. The importance of this industry may be gathered from the fact that a falling off in the quantity of any sort of sewing deprives thousands of industrious poor of many comforts


Class 19 Sewing and knitting machines, &c.

Class 26 Lighting Apparatus

Electrical Apparatus for Illumination and Domestic Use, Secondary Batteries, Electroliers, Accumulators, &c.. Apparatus for lighting by Gas, Gas Producers, Gas Meters, Gas Fittings, Chandeliers, &c.. Oil and other lamps, Mineral Oil, Wax and other Candles, Vegetable and Animal Oils.  


267.                             Matthew  Walker,  Dunstable

Straw Hats and Bonnets and Straw Hat Sewing Machine

Self-Acting Sewing Machine Co. Ltd (The) 233, Regent Street, London.

Universal Knitting Machine Co. 95 Humberston Gate, Leicester.

Vertical Feed Sewing Machine Co. (The) 52 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.

Wanzer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd (The) 4 Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus

Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. (The) 21 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.

White Sewing Machine Co. (The) 19 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.


764. Electro Dynamic Co. of Philadelphia (The) Archway House, Bush Lane, E.C.

(1) Griscom's Double-induction Motors for driving sewing machines, fans, lathes, &c.

(2) Griscom's Automatic Batteries for driving same.

(3) Edco Batteries for driving Griscom's motors and Incandescent Electric Lamps for household use.

(4) Sewing and other Machines, driven by the above.

(Class 26)



1.192.  Hermann Loog 127 & 128 London Wall, E.C.

(1) Sewing Machines.

(2) Knitting Machines.

(3) Embroidery Machines, displayed working. In all about 40 machines, half-a-dozen of which will be kept working.

(Class 19)



1.193. Pearson & Co., 9 Acorn Street, Bishopsgate Street, E.C.

(1) One Patent Wax Thread Sewing Machine. For leather, waterproof and heavy clothing.

(2) One Patent Button-hole Sewing Machine.

(3) One Patent Wax Thread Sewing Machine. For leather, canvas, waterproof and military clothing.

(4) Seven varieties of Domestic Sewing Machines.

(5) One Cutting Press, with special shaped cutters for cutting out leather, cork and waterproof portions of boots, military clothing, accoutrements, &c.

(6) Two Machines for punching holes and inserting eyelets in clothing, &c.

(7) Two Machines for perforating, ventilating holes in hats, waterproof coats, &c.

(8) One Machine for scolloping or ornamental edge cutting, used for the edges of gloves, gauntlets, mantles, rubber coats, &c.

(9) One Machine for splitting skins of leather for leggings, gloves, military accoutrements, &c.

(10) One Machine for skyving or paring the edges of leather used in all leather clothing.

(11) One Lace Cutting Tool, for cutting laces for boots, leggings, &c.

(12) One Gas Heating Apparatus, for heating irons for finishing and burnishing the edges of leather of every class.

(Class 19)



1.194.  J. L. Bramley & Co.

170 & 172 Ebury Street, Eaton Square, S.W.

(1) Drawing-room Sewing Machine, on handsome gilded stand.

(2) Drawing-room Sewing Machine, with all machinery hidden from view, forming a useful and handsome piece of furniture.

(3) Sewing Machine Stand, all bearings working in ball centres, reducing the friction to a minimum and greatly reducing the labour of working a foot machine

(4) A similar stand to No. 3 machine, to work by hand or foot, the cover also forming a handsome portable cabinet for the hand machine when desired.

(5) A Tripod Stand, Dolphin pattern. This is arranged as a universal treadle to work any hand machine by foot; arranged with a leaf table so as to occupy small space when not in use.

(6) A Superior Hand Lockstitch Machine, the "Desideratum", a combination of the best known systems.

(7) A Hand Lock-Stitch Machine; a thorough strong and serviceable machine, constructed to meet the requirements of the working classes as regards price and durability.

(8) A Light Running Silent Hand Machine, "The Little Treasure", specially adapted for domestic and children's use.

(Class 19)



1.195. Harrison Patent Knitting Machine Co. (The)

128 Portland Street, Manchester and Soho Bazaar, 77 Oxford Street, London.

(1) The "Harrison" Patent Duplex Knitter knits two stockings at one operation without changing the cams.

(2) The Queen Knitting Machine.

(3) The Princess Knitting Machine.

(4) The Jewel Knitting Machine.

(5) Samples of Knitted Goods.

(6) Automatic Winder.

(Class 19)



1.196. Pocock Brothers

235 Southwark Bridge Road, S.E.

Boots made on the following principles. Principle can be seen on Stand No. 258 in Eastern quadrant.

(1) Standard Screw Machine for attaching the soles of boots and shoes with screws instead of rivets.

(2) Blake Sole Sewing Machine.

(3) Keat's Lock-stitch welt-stitching and Fair-stitching Machine for boots.

(4) Magentic Tacking Machine for boots.

(5) Turn Shoe Sewing Machine for house boots and shoes.

(6) Last Turning Machine for turning wooden lasts.

All the above can be seen in motion.


1.199. William Rothwell

16 Market Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

The "Rothwell" Knitting Machines (Manufacturing Machines)

(1) The  New Steam-power Flat-web Knitting Machine, with independent self-regulating sectional needle beds, has eight locks and two accessory attachments and double yarn-carriers to work two rows at the same time. This machine is specially constructed to work the most beautiful fancy Cardigan patterns automatically in one or more colours. Striped lengthways or across the fabric for Cardigan Jackets, Ladies' Skirts, &c, &c.

(2) Design Knitting Machine, with three locks and accessory attachment, back-bed dropping and front bed racking; three needles. This machine is used for the manufacture of Fancy Hosiery and knits two stockings at one time.

(3) The New Cardigan Knitting Machine, with accessory attachments for all kinds of large garments, either plain or fancy patterns.

(4) One and One Rib Knitting Machine, especially constructed for manufacturing the best ribbed hosiery.

(5) Seaming Machine for Hosiery, makes a perfectly flat stitch, applicable to all classes of hosiery.

(Class 19)

N.B.: Domestic Machines at Stand 1.213, opposite.  


1.205. Singer's Sewing Machine Co.

147 Cheapside, E.C.

(1) Singer's New Family Sewing Machines, both hand and treadle, adapted for all purposes.

(2) Improved Family Sewing Machines, with drawers, ornamental cover, locks, &c.

(3) Singer's Improved Button-Hole Machine, with automatic feed motion.

(4) Sample Bench of Singer's Oscillating Shuttle Machine, with shafting and patent friction attachment complete, driven by J h. p. Otto gas engine.

(5) Old Style Treadle Machine, illustrating the great exertion formerly required in driving.

(6) New Style Treadle Machine, showing the improvements effected by the Singer Company.

(Class 19)



1.212. Self-Acting Sewing Machine Co. Ltd (The)

233 Regent Street, London. (R. Carlyle Child, Secretary)

Six Self-Acting Sewing Machines, the motive power thereof being solely mechanical, whereby the ordinary hand wheel and treadle are dispensed with and injury to health by using the treadle is avoided, the worker having both hands free to regulate the materials worked upon.

(Class 19)



1.213. William Rothwell

16 Market Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

The Rothwell Knitting Machines (Domestic Machines)

(1) Improved Knitting Machine for Domestic or Manufacturing Purposes, for all sizes of gents, ladies' and children's Socks and Stockings, striped or plain.

(2) New Patent Striping Machine for making any stripe, with the change of yarn inside the stocking and is done automatically.

(3) Knitting Machine for fine Merino, Silk, or Cotton, with 13 needles to the inch.

(4) Knitting Machine for Ribbed or Plain Hosiery, with adjustable handle and extra cam stops.

(5) Knitting Machine with single side only, for fine flat web, in one or four colours.

(6) Samples of Fancy Cardigan Jackets, Ladies' Skirts, Vests and plain and fancy Hosiery of all descriptions, made on the " Rothwell" Knitting Machine.

(Class 19)

N. B.: Manufacturing Machines at Stand 1.199, opposite.




417 Oxford Street, W.; & 159 Upper

Street, Islington, N. ; 39 Islington,

Liverpool; & at Glasgow.—Small Handknitting Machines (size 8 in. in diameter, to

be affixed to ordinary tables) for the manufacture of socks, stockings, fishermen's caps,

guernsies, ladies' and children's underskirts,

bodices, cosies, mufflers, gloves, rouching or

tufted work for muffs, collars, cuffs, children's

caps, &c, &c.

(Class 19)




CO., Limited (THE) (per H. FRICKER,

Secretary), 4 Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus, London, W.—(1) Lock-stich 

Sewing Machine, to work by hand. (2) Speci

men Figure. Fancy dress, worked entirely

upon "Little Wanzer" hand machine weigh

ing only 9 lbs. (3) Lock-stich Sewing Machine

" "Wanzer 0," working silently upon steel

centres and entirely without cog wheels. (4)

Kilting or Plaiting Machines, for preparation

of fancy dress trimmings.



1216. FOSTER, JAMES, 41 Friargate, Preston, Lancashire. — Victoria

Knitting Machines. (1) One 8j} in. 7-needle

Machine, for stockings, gloves, &c. (2) One

8| in. 9-needle Machine, for stockings, &c.

(3) One 14g m- 7-needle Machine, for fancy

Cardigan patterns, with automatic rack appliance. (4) One 16| in. 6-needle Cross Pattern

Machine. (5) Foster's Automatic Winder, with

garments knit on the above.

see also 1206.) (Class 19, and





Queen Victoria Street, E.C. — Twelve

1 Sewing Machines, with attachments for all

kinds of work including button holes, three

of which are to be run by steam power. The

remainder to be shown working by foot and

hand power. (Class 19.)





CO. (THE), 52 Queen

Victoria Street, E.C. (F. J. NEWTON,

Manager).—(1) Hand Sewing Machine on

the "Vertical Feed" principle. (2) Treadle

Sewing Machine on the " Vertical Feed " prin

ciple, in eight different styles. (3) Power

I Sewing Maci line on the " Vertical Feed " prin-

! ciple, in eight different styles. (Class 19.)



1.219. GORDON & GOTCH, 15 St.

Bride Street, Ludgate Circus, E.C—


Collection of nine P«tent Lock-Stitch Sewing

Machines, Hand and Treadle, containing all

the latest modern improvements, and adapted

for every description of work either of the

family or the manufactory, sewing from the

finest to the heaviest fabrics with equal facility.

: Manufactured by the Domestic Sewing Machine

Co., New York, U.S.A. (Class 19.)



1220. KIRBY, BEARD, & CO., 115

Newgate Street, London, E.C; and

Works at Birmingham and Redditch,

Manufacturers of Pins, Needles, Hair

Pins and Fish Hooks.—A Pin-sticking


Machine, for sticking pins on paper, worked by

hand. Collection of Pins and Needles of all

kinds. (Class 19.)



1.221. Universal Knitting Machine Co.

95 Humberstone Gate, Leicester.

Knitting Machines, 3 or 4 in number, of various sizes. Also, in connection, Healthy Underclothing, without dyes or other impurities.

(Class 19)



1.222. White Sewing Machine Co. (The)

Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. European Branches, 19 Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.;Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam.

White Lock-stich Shuttle Sewing Machines. Also the "Peerless" Hand Machines, combining with extraordinary lightness of running (obviating any fatigue) all the most modern appliances invented to lessen the labour and facilitate the operation of the seamstress.

(Class 19)



1.224. London & Leicester Hosery Co. Ltd (THE)

41 Charterhouse Square, London, E.C. and Winifred Street, Leicester. (Sole Licensee, I. L. Berridge, 8 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester.)

(1) Griswold's Improved Patent Stocking Knitter, specially designed for the use of hosiery manufacturers and also for the knitting of socks and stockings by ladies at their own homes.

(2) The New American B. H. O. and over-seaming Company's celebrated Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines for all purposes and their noted Machines for working button-holes on leather, hosiery and textile fabrics.



THE WORKSHOP       Classes XLI  to  XLVI


10 Rue Eliza Borey, Paris.

Sewing Machine, moved by an Accumulator, without any expense in supervision.