Grimme Natalis & Co.


Established  1871

11  February 1870

Isidor Nasch,  of Berlin, in the Kingdom of Prussia and Grimme Charles, of Brunswick, in the Dukedom of Brunswick,  manufacturers.                           Improvements in sewing machines to produce overcast and button hole  hems by means of one single needle.  The basis of this invention is common shuttle sewing machine the motion of the needle is  altered while the shuttle operates in the usual manner. While the stuff is being equally moved by the feed bar alternate motion is imparted to the needle, so that it passes once through the stuff and the second time close beside it, but the shuttle passes each time through the loop formed by the needle. On the shaft of the fly wheel there is cog wheel which gears into larger wheel on whose shaft is an eccentric by which an oscillating motion is imparted to lever. The other end of the lever is connected to piece which is coupled to tube by flange through which the needle bar can move. To make the simple quilting stitch, the tube with the needle holder may be adjusted and fixed in the proper position by screws.

Provisional protection only.              English Patent 413   February 11, 1870



Bronze Medal at Amsterdam Exhibition

Messrs. Grimme, Natalis and Co.  of  Brunswick, show four different kinds of machines splendidly made and well finished. Indeed, all their manufactures, which embody many improvements, give proof of most careful workmanship.



Death of  Albert Natalis of Grimme, Natalis and Co.



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