33 Hanover Street  Boston  

1852-54 c.

1854 advertisement
1854 advertisement


...The next year (November 1852) a Massachusetts man named George W. Bliss was persuaded to advance the money needed to carry on the suits for infringement. This was done as a speculation, but so weak was his faith that he required as security against loss a mortgage upon the farm of the elder Howe... 

On May 18, 1853, Elias Howe granted his first royalty license to Wheeler, Wilson & Company. Within a few months licenses were also granted to Grover & Baker; A. Bartholf; Nichols & Bliss; J. A. Lerow; Woolridge, Keene and Moore and A. B. Howe, the brother of Elias.

...The patent, however, had been so little productive of revenue that Howe was able, in spite of the cost of the numerous suits for infringement he had started, upon the the death of his partner, George Bliss, ( 1854 ? ) to buy his half interest, and thus became, for the first time, the sole owner of his patent....

In July 1855 Nichols went into partnership with Rufus and Martin Leavitt and the company name changed to Nichols, Leavitt & Co.

After July 1856 it was changed again to Leavitt & Co. 

After July 1865 it was changed again to Leavitt Sewing Machine Co. 

From about 1868 Leavitt & Brant until 1878 circa.