Ohio ,  U.S.A.

Est. 1878 circa


This machine is manufactured by the Heberling Running Stitch Sewing Machine Company. of Mount Pleasant, Ohio, U.S.A. and whose chief office and depot in Europe now is 46, Cannon-street, London, E.C., which is close by Cheapside and Queen Victoria Street, where all the leading sewing machine companies have their depots. The trimmings now so much in vogue and known as the "Mother Hubbard" style, for dresses, costumes, mantles, and waterproof ulsters for ladies, can be produced by this little machine, with an elegance and precision far surpassing anything that can be done by hand, at the rate of 2.500 stitches per minute, or 5.000 when both needles are use; consequently it will do as much work in the same time as twenty persons can by hand. The principal movable parts of the machine are pinion-bar, plate pinion, needle-wheel, needle-wheel stud, plate-pinion stud (which is fastened with a set-screw under the plate), pinion-bar set-screw, cloth-spreader, cloth-spreader set-screw and thimble connecting with needle-wheel stud and gauge. As with the assistance of this machine the most beautiful gauging, gathering, and tucking can be made on material varying from heavy velvets to the most delicate silk tissues, with regularity and speed, the agent will at once see that one at least will be indispensable in every dressmaker's workroom, whilst manufacturers of costumes, mantles, and underclothing, to which it is peculiarly adapted, will go in for quantities upon seeing what it will accomplish. In size the Heberling Running Stitch Gauging Machine is somewhat smaller than an ordinary sewing machine, with length of arm sufficient for all purposes; and can be readily attached to any table, and worked either by hand or foot. The machines are handsome in appearance, finely finished, and tastefully ornamented; all bright parts are nickel-plated. The company have received numerous testimonials as to the merits of the machine in practical use, all speaking very highly. One lady says: " Permit me to say from experience that I regard the Heberling Gauging Machine as indispensable to every milliner and dressmaker. It does the work well and thoroughly, and at great saving of time and labour. It is calculated to meet a great want in the trade, and I can cordially recommend it." And a firm of large manufacturers write:—"We are using your Gauging Machine in our factory; it supplies over a hundred hands with their gauging, thus greatly reducing the cost of our goods". We understand that machines are being ordered every day by West-End and City houses and are giving every satisfaction.                        

It is well perhaps to mention that all the parts of the Heberling Machine, including the needles, are covered by the patents granted in the United States, Great Britain and throughout Europe.


The Heberling Machine Company, of 46, Cannon-street, E.C.


We are glad to learn, the company have met with the success we predicted for their Tucking and Gauging Machine when first introduced to our notice some months ago. Owing to the great demand both here and in America, the supply has hardly kept pace with it, but the Company have now enlarged their works in America, so as to ensure an output of 300 machines per week, and have also made arrangements to manufacture the machine on this side, so that all orders can now be filled as received, and those of our readers who share in Lady Bective's views can have a machine of English make. We hear there are several imitation machines in the market. The Heberling machine is fully protected by patents and we recommend buyers to secure the original article.




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