14, Rue des Croisades, Brussels

From 1891 to 1901, the factory at 14, Rue des Croisades in Brussels, was operated by Martin H. Rumpf, under the name of "Le Progrès Industriel"     which manufactured the sewing machine call "La Merveilleuse" as well as auto parts.

Before coming to Brussels, Martin H. Rumpf was living in Paris, where he produced since 1889 the sewing machine " L'Incomparable ", after buying back the patent of Wilhelm von Pitteler.                                                                 

Martin Rumpf also produced three car models (with a small 5hp, an intermediate model 7hp and a big model 14 hp) in 1899, but failed, as these cars were said to be very difficult to drive. Production stopped in 1901.

After this failure, he specialized his factory in machine tools and in turns. Martin, who was also an inventor, acquired Belgian nationality around 1923-1924. At that time, he lived in Uccle (another one of the 19 villages which are part of Brussels).

After World War II, he moved his factory in Lot (20km south of Brussels) and was made Grand Officer of the Order of Leopold II. The factory on the Crusades Street was sold to an hatmaker, before being demolished in 1970.