The Prinetti Stucchi & C. was an Italian manufacturer of sewing machines, bicycles and motor vehicles, founded in Milan in 1874 by Giulio Prinetti and Augusto Stucchi . It was famous for the production of bicycles and participation in sports competitions with the same trade mark.

In 1887, from english news paper say:

The only Italian maker of sewing machines is located here (Milano). The firm is Prinetti & Co., and they make a Singer pattern machine , employing about 200 hands . Their machines are mostly sold in Italy. Mr. Prinetti is a deputy and although the duty on machines is higher than in France, it is proposed to increase it in the interest of the Milan factory.





In 1892 began the production of bicycles.

Ettore Bugatti
Ettore Bugatti




In 1898 the production of bicycles beside 'the production of tricycles and quadricycles, Ettore Bugatti, employed in the company before moving to France, developed the first tricycle type, with single-cylinder De Dion chassis and Rochet-Schneider.

Replica engines not identical to original.
Replica engines not identical to original.

In 1898 took place the NATIONAL SHOW in Turin providing a significant boost to the manufacture of motor vehicles national pavilions welcomed the various models including the Prinetti Stucchi & C. of Milan with De Dion engine manufactured in Italy. Some national brands were not confined to expose their vehicles, but also took part in the International Competition of vehicles cars, which took place on Sunday 25 July of the same year, on-line Turin-Alessandria Asti and back. The Prinetti Stucchi & C. is present 'in the race with two vehicles: tricycle tricycle two engines and one engine.The two motor tricycles were forced to withdraw the tender for the engine failure and the axis of the front wheel.




In 1899 it was presented the car  Prinetti Stucchi  4 Hp, with two single-cylinder engine coupled and that the same Bugatti won the speed race "Brescia-Verona-Brescia".

In 1901, following the appointment of Giulio Prinetti as foreign minister, the company changed its name to that of "Stucchi & C". In the same year introduced the first motorcycle, a single-cylinder four-stroke.

In 1907 the family Stucchi Prinetti participated in the founding of the General Electric Company Adamello (GEA) for the development of hydroelectric power plants. During the war and until the closure of the factory, the production focused on various models of motorcycles with single-cylinder engines and V-twins

Costante Giradengo in 1914
Costante Giradengo in 1914




In 1919 Stucchi & C. won the Tour of Italy with Girardengo.

Closure of the factory in 1926.