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Glove-Sewing Machine

Singer 46K

Pique Machine


Pique machine used in glove manufacture. Made by Singer, Clydebank, Scotland in 1917. Identified as a model 46K, although not labelled as such, used to sew fingers in gloves. Used at Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd, Richmond in the upstairs workroom. Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd was formed in 1924 and produced leather gloves and coats, handbags, helmets and associated leather goods. The company first operated in Smith Street and subsequently Alexandra Parade, Collingwood, relocating to Victoria Street, Richmond in 1928, where it remained until 1988.


Singer 46K14






sewing machine for leather gloves



Singer 46K54


Leather glove making in Torrington is recorded from the early 1600s. By 1800 it was the centre of England’s gloving industry. In 1850 there were 11 glove manufacturers in the town employing over 3.000 women who mostly worked from home hand stitching the gloves for a pittance. Following the invention of the sewing machine many of the women worked in the factories using machines like the one illustrated. The 46K54 was used for stitching leather and fur gloves. The Museum has several more machines and pairs of gloves on display.


Singer 91K5

Singer 91K6




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Clydebank, Scotland

Engler & Comp.

Stepp 33




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Singer 91K6