US  8.294                         Isaac Merritt Singer

Lock-stitch, feed-wheel, thread controller.

Improvement in Sewing Machines. What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by letters patent, is giving to the shuttle an additional forward motion after it has been stopped, to close the loop, as described, for the purpose of drawing the stitch tight, when such additional motion is given at and in combination with the feed motion of the cloth in the reverse direction and the final upward motion of the needle, as described, so that the two threads shall be drawn tight at the same time, as described. I also claim controlling the thread during the downward motion of the needle by the combination of a friction pad, to prevent the slack above the cloth, with the eye on the needle carrier, for drawing back the thread, for the purposes and in the manner substantially as described. I also claim placing the bobbin from which the needle is supplied with thread on an adjustable arm attached to the frame, substantially as described, when this is combined with the carrying of the said thread through an eye or guide attached to and moving with, the needle carrier, as described, whereby any desired length of thread can be given for the formation of the loop without varying the range of motion of the needle, as described.  

August 12, 1851

US 304.638                             J. G.  Greene

Improvements in Button Hole Sewing Machines.

September 2, 1884