Winchendon, Massachusetts

This company was in business from 1849 when it was known as Robinson & Goodspeed, the owners being George N. Goodspeed and Baxter Robinson.

In 1851 Robinson was replaced by Harvey Wyman and the name became Goodspeed & Wyman.

There was also a Goodspeed & Wyman Sewing Machine Co., which seems to have been a separate, if related, company.

In 1878 the partnership ceased and the firm operated as G. N. Goodspeed; Wyman died in 1880.




Scientific American  (November 1865)
Scientific American  (November 1865)

...These machines sew with double or single thread and the stitch is far superior to that made by the cheap machines. It did not rip upon being tested and the general appearance of the machine is satisfactory.

Mr. Joseph W. Bartlett, long and favourably known in the sewing machine and needle interests and a resident of this city, is the patentee.

Full particulars in relation to machines or agencies will be promptly given by addressing The Bartlett Sewing Machine Company, 569 BroadwayN.Y.. The manufactory is at Winchendon, Massachusetts.


Page Brothers, Agents, Toledo, Ohio.






US 54.816                         George  N.  Goodspeed

Feeding Mechanism for Sewing Machines

 Assignor to  T. S. PAGE

May 15, 1866





1867  Scientific American
1867 Scientific American
Winchendon - by Glen Wheeler
Winchendon - by Glen Wheeler