1871 - 1873

On July  1871, the three locksmiths Leopold Oskar DietrichHermann Köhler and Gustav Winselmann founded a workshop for the production of sewing machines under the name of Dietrich & Co. in Altenburg . 


1873 - by 1920

In 1873, Mr. Dietrich left the partnership and opened a sewing machine trade in the Sporenstrasse in Altenburg. 

In 1874 Dietrich started manufacturing his own sewing machines .

In 1875 the company moved to Wilhelmstrasse.

In 1880/81 the company moved to the new factory in Ziegelstrasse.

At this time the annual production was about 12.000 sewing machines.

In 1889 Dietrich established its own foundry. There Dietrich made shuttles, cabinets and tools and was to a large extent independent of suppliers.

In 1895 The trademark name of Vesta was used for the first time, according to advertisements. 

In 1904 Leopold Oskar Dietrich died .

In 1906 the company also started manufacturing knitting machines .

Extensions were built in 1908 and in 1912/13

By 1920 the name of Dietrich was replaced by Vesta.

L.O. Dietrich Altenburg, S.A.

VESTA - Nähmaschinen-Werke