Sewing Machines Awarded

at the 27th Annual Fair - New York 1855


359.                                       Sewing Machines

Howard & Davis    (Robinson's patent)

Boston, Massachusetts

This machine has two needles and passes the thread through and through at each stitch; is capable of making a great variety of stitches. The best for common use. A gold medal awarded.


1.040.                                     Sewing Machines

Wheeler & Wilson, Manufacturers' Company   (Wilson's patent)

393 Broadway N. Y.. 

Sews with very great rapidity and beauty, especially for fine sewing and stitching. The best for fine stitching and rapid work. A gold medal awarded.


397.                                        Sewing Machine

J. B. Nichols & Co.

Boston, Massachusetts

Used for shoe-making and valuable; the best for certain work. A silver medal awarded. Notes: After July 1855, John B. Nichols was in partnership with Rufus Leavitt and the company name changed to Nichols, Leavitt & Co..


1.566.                                     Sewing Machine

J. Seymour

Newark, N. J.

Used for shoe-making; best for certain kind of work. A silver medal awarded.


239, 109 and 1.447.               3 Knitting Machines

J.  Jackson

32 Beekman Street

Designed and used with very great success for knitting not only plain web, but common stockings, socks, &c., without seam; they perform all the operations of narrowing, widening, heeling and toeing off, indeed turning off the stocking entirely finished, as perfect as when done by hand and at the rate of some fifty pairs per day when driven by power and requiring but one girl to tend some six machines. We look upon this machine as one of remarkable labor saving and so far as we can learn, it has no parallel in its line. A gold medal awarded.