Sewing Machines





William A. Mack & Co.

From 1861  William A. Mack and N. S. Perkins started manufacturing sewing machine and/or parts for sewing machine, in Norwalk, Ohio.

In 1863 William A. Mack of Seville, Ohio, obtained a patent US 38.592 issued the 19th of May, for a sewing machine which was an early example of Vibrating Shuttle Machine.

In 1866, William Mack of the firm Wm. A. Mack & Co., was building the Domestic sewing machine in Norwalk, Ohio, when his brother Frank Mack joined the company selling sewing machines from a wagon.

VS - 1
VS - 1



In 1869 the Domestic Sewing Machine Company was formed.






The earliest Domestic Vibrating Shuttle (VS) sewing machine manufactured from 1863-1870's was much more modern than its competitors and was the first true "high arm" machine. Some characteristic features are:

high arm - rectangular base - vibrating shuttle - leaf tension - no clutch release knob - bobbin winder on end of machine under hand wheel - stitch length control knob behind pillar - no access plate on the front or rear of the machine - back clamping feet - SN located on front slide plate.