One of the most ornate of the early, small, hand-turned sewing machines was patented and manufactured by Willford H. Nettleton and Charles Raymond whose first patent US 17.049 was received on April 14, 1857. The patent model, believed to be a commercial machine, is beautifully silver-plated. Whether this was a special one-of-a-kind model, or whether the inventors tried to make a commercial success of a silver-plated machine is not known. The machine made a two-thread chainstitch, taking both threads from commercial spools.

Willford H. Nettleton was a manufacturer of clock parts. He was also one of major stockholder in the Pequabuck Oil Company and was one of the oldest and best-known residents of Bristol. He was reside at 123 Maple Street and from around 1860 at 115 Maple Street, Bristol, Connecticut.

Nettleton and Raymond were the assignors to Henry E. Fickett of Glenn's Falls, N.Y. In 1858 Henry E. Fickett was presidents of the Glenn's Falls village.

Glens (or Glenn's) Falls is a city in Warren County, New York. In 1850 Census, Glenn's Falls' population was of 2.717 inhabitants. In 2010 Census the population was 14.700. The name was given by Colonel Johannes Glen, the falls referring to a large waterfall in the Hudson River at the southern end of the city. Glens Falls is a city in the southeast corner of Warren County, surrounded by the town of Queensbury to the north, east and west and by the Hudson River and Saratoga County to the south. The city has also referred to itself as the "Empire City". Not sewing machines manufacturers in Glenn's Falls.

What connection could be with the Empire S.M. Co. and Mr. Jungster?

By October 1857, the inventors had received their second patent US 18.350. This time the one-thread chainstitch  machine was brass and gilt-brighter, but less expensive. At the same time, Nettleton & Raymond began manufacturing sewing-shears machines under the patent of J. E. Hendricks.


Nettleton & Raymond Empire Sewing Machine

Double Lock-Stitch Family Machine

Something Entirely New at $25

May 1858
May 1858