Central Bobbin - Centralschiff or Zentralspulen

note:  This page is under construction. I don't know when this model entered in production and when ended, new evidences may change the following information. 

From 1913  To 1931

In 1913 for the 50th anniversary of the company a new logo was made. 

A peculiarity of "vibrating shuttle" models was the lever to eject the shuttle, located on the right side under the bobbin winder

At one point the sewing machines were renamed "Mundlos" (maybe in 1924) and the round badge that used to be on the machine bed was relocated on the pillar's inspection plate and I still research the dates.

Again, the company renamed their sewing machines probably after 1930's. See pictures below.




1938  75th Anniversary






1940. With the beginning of World War II, the firm was also compulsorily responsible for armament production in accordance with its prerequisites as a supplier of parts from the metal and wood processing industry. 

On January 161945, in the bomb attack by American and British bombers, the largest parts of the factory and the company-owned museum were destroyed. The youngest son of the company founder, Rudolf Mundlos, had to lead the dismantling and packing of the space-filling machine tools for transport as reparation services to the Soviet Union. Thus the work of Mundlos, a pioneer and creator of the German sewing machine industry, came to an end.

Mundlos 112  (1931)
Mundlos 112 (1931)