Pavia - Italy

In 1919 Vittorio Necchi, of Italy's famous Necchi manufacturing family, returned from WWI to take his place running their cast iron foundry in Pavia. He soon saw that the business world was rapidly changing and the family business would need explore a new direction. When his wife asked him to buy her a sewing machine, her only choices were imported models made in the U.S. and northern Europe. Vittorio had an idea: why not create Italy's first sewing machines company?

Vittorio set up his first sewing machine production facility with 40 workers.

At first, Vittorio copied the best selling machines of the time like the Singer model 15 but it was not long before his Italian flair took hold and unique Necchi machines started to roll out of the ever expanding factory in Pavia and by 1924 had produced his first model, the Necchi BD.

Initially sales were small, but with persistence and constant improvement, in 1932 Necchi introduced the BU model with advanced features like a zig-zag stitch. Sales began to take off.

By 1946 the Necchi Sewing Machine Company was producing 1,000 machines a day, employing 4.500 workers and selling to more than 10.000 retailers. Now the U.S. and the rest of Europe were importing these high quality Italian machines.

In 1956 a series of sewing machines was launched  and “Mirella” was one of Necchi’s masterpieces , thanks to the creative touch of one of Italy’s most important industrial designers, Emilia-born Marcello Nizzoli (1887-1969). Six years earlier, Nizzoli made another iconic object: the Olivetti  “Lettera 22” typewriter.

In 1957 the “Mirella” won the “Compasso d’Oro” and the “Grand Prize” at the 11th edition of Milan’s Triennial Exhibition and is now part of the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Necchi continued to innovate with machines like the boldly futuristic " Logica " with electronic control panel, designed in 1983 by Giorgetto Giugiaro.


Today, Necchi continues Vittorio's tradition of excellent quality and innovative design. Sewists the world over love Necchi machines for their reliable performance and excellent value.