Manufactory: New York

Main Office: 251, Broadway, New York

Established :  1852 c.

Otis Avery was born in Bridgewater, New York, on August 19, 1808. He learned the watchmaker’s trade from his father John, a silversmith and watchmaker. Otis opened a watch repair shop in Bethany, Pennsylvania, in 1827.

Avery received patent US 9.338 on October 19, 1852 for improvements on a sewing machine. The manufacturer was at  251 Broadway, New York  City.

The catalogue for the 1853 New York Exhibition noted that three sewing machines were exhibited by the Avery Sewing Machine Company of New York City. Each machine was adapted for sewing different materials, such as wool, muslin, linen  and  leathers.  

Avery continued to improve his machine and received patent  US 10.880, issued May 9, 1854 and patent US 22.007, issued November 9, 1858.

In 1887 the Alford & Berkle Co. purchased the Avery Sewing Machine Co. and an agency was organized. Mr Alford Alonzo, president of the company, six years later sold his interest.