Union Button Hole and Embroidery Machine Company

 Boston, Massachusetts

(from 1864 to 18..?)



...The next sewing machine of great importance was for working buttonholes and was made under patents to Kasimir Vogel, Humphrey and others.

After years of experimenting the Union Buttonhole Machine Company produced a machine that was a marvel in its line. It worked buttonholes that had the peculiar "purl " of the best handmade buttonholes, to which they were superior in strength and finish. The manufacture and sale of this machine was not profitable to the Union Buttonhole Machine Company and in 1867 it passed to the Singer Company and by that company was still further improved and became a great success, having a large sale in the United States and Europe. 


By Frederick G. Bourne, New York

President of the Singer Manufacturing Company



USRE 1.805                            Kasimir  Vogel

Button-Hole Sewing Machine Two Threads

Assignor to the Union Button Hole and Embroidery Machine Company

of Boston, Massachusetts

November 1, 1864

Specification forming part of Letters Patent

US 25.692                            October 4, 1859



US 80.520                               Kasimir  Vogel

Button-Hole Attachment Two Threads

The nature of my invention consists in an improved mechanism designed to be attached to and operated in connection with common plain sewing machines and by means of such attachment said machines may be used for stitching button-holes and other over-edge work and embroidery, as hereinafter described. Figure 1 of the accompanying drawings is a top view of said mechanism, with all its parts represented. a represents a gear on the vertical shaft of a “Singer family sewing machine", which operates said attachment, when it is secured to the table of said machine and in connection with such gear. ...

Assignor to Eben W. Lothrop

July 28, 1868


US 156.048                            Kasimir  Vogel

Button-Hole Attachment for Sewing Machine


October 20, 1874


The below advertisement, confirm that the Union Buttonhole Machine Company or the Union Button Hole and Embroidery Machine Company in 1867, it was passed to the Singer Company or anyway, some deal was made between the two companies.

1870 Advertise
1870 Advertise








US 102.586                           Rufus H.  Peabody

Button-Hole Sewing Machine One Thread

My invention is applicable to what is called the “Union Button-hole-stitching Machine”, manufactured by the Union Button-Hole and Embroidery Machine Company of Boston, Massachusetts and consists in a new form and construction of the “under needle and looper” used in said machine...

May 3, 1870


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