Frister & Rossmann

Chronological History

from 1864 to 1875



OnJanuary 1, 1864, Gustav Rossmann opened in Markgrafenstraße, Berlin, a small workshop to manufacture and repair of sewing machines.Within that mid-year Gustav Rossmann joint Robert Frister to form the new Frister & Rossmann, Actiengesellschaft. The company start manufacture Wheeler & Wilson system sewing machines.The company located in Markgrafenstrasse 27a advertises their first sewing machine based on the Wheeler & Wilson system.



The Frister & Rossmann arrived at the Berlin audience so well that in 1865 the company moved into the Adalbertstraße.


Only threeyears later, in 1868, Frister & Rossmannthen began to build the new factory in the Skalitzer road. Equipped with the latest American machines.


The factory was in 1869 on the operation and set forth weekly about 250 sewing machines to grab the system Wheeler & Wilson.


from U.Niggemann




From an advertise dated 1870 Frister & Rossmann guarantees the machines for two years. F&R started exporting sewing machines to England in 1870 circa. The agency may have been held in succession by two London firms. Isidor Nasch, the sole English representative of the firm of Frister & Rossmann, may have sold the machines under an English name and trade mark.The offices are unknown for now. Isidor Nasch was an Engineer living at 251 of Whitechapel road in London, he patented improvement for button-holes attachments, one attachment also for the W&W sewing machine.




The company was incorporated on19 November 1871 under the company name Nahmaschinen fabrik vorm. Frister & Rossmann AG.

Trasformation into joint-stock company "AG vorm Frister & Rossmann" with 2.5 Millions Mark capitol. The first share certificates were issued on

1 December 1871.





From a German newspaper say “ The Frister and Rossmann factory in Berlin (the largest sewing machine factory in Europe) I think stores, I can recommend them as the best. The machines are made to share in its clean and durable, all work safely and quickly without the noise and cost, with only 36 Sämtliche Apperaten Rix. In January this year sold 1005 units, in February 1521. - Warranty and instruction given gladly

                                                           Ludwig Vogel





In 1873 about, the first fiddle base sewing machine " FB 1 "based on the

Singer New Family 12 , was made , also sold in London.



From a German newspaper say : fabricated for family use and commercial purposes with the principal U.S. aid machine, stand in their performance and duration as unmatched. - Of these machines for over 10,000 units have been proven to the complete satisfaction of the Imperial. General Post Office, several Royal, Ministries and governments, and most of the German Railways direction relative to their officials, after the various experts they are "excellent in every respect" after careful consideration for recognition. Every genuine Frister & Rossmann machine bears the full Company on the Nähplatte and the F & R in the frame.

                                                                                   Ludwig Vogel



From a German newspaper say : always earnestly recommended its stores sewing machines, as working silentlyand easily grab machines from the factory Frister & Rossmannin Berlin, (the largest sewing machinefactory in Europe ,

90.000 of these machines are already in use ).