46 and 48, Queen Victoria Street


First amongst their exhibits we noticed the Letter " A," for family use, and a similar machine, pearled and silver plated. They also exhibited their Letter "B" machine, with step or four motion feed, for mantle and light tailoring work ; the same with wheel feed for boot making and general leather work; their Letter " C," with step feed, which is adapted for heavy cloth , but which will work on the finest materials ; and the same machine, with wheel feed, for the manufacture of men's boots, and for sewing the heavier kinds of leather. We also saw the Letter " D," for heavy work, which can be used either as an arm or platform machine, and the same with wax thread cylinder for leather work—harness and saddler's use. They also exhibited their Letter " E " universal feed and arm machine, for making and repairing boots ; their Letter "F," light tailoring work; their Letter " G," new single thread hand machine; and their Letter " H " hand shuttle machine, which equals any for beauty and perfection of stitch.

Bicycles, kilting machines, and wringing machines were among their exhibits. Some excellent specimens of work done on these machines were also exhibited.