Wheeler & Wilson

Special Machines

The Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company, of 21, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. and branches, had on show at the recent Leather Trades Exhibition, among other valuable inventions, several machines for ornamental stitching.

One of the most interesting was the " D 12 " Zig-Zag Machine, of which we give an illustration. This machine has a capacity truly surprising, as will be at once recognised from the woodcuts given below, which show the nature of its work. There are several varieties of Zig-Zag machines made by this company, one working with two and the other with a single needle. Without the aid of a single attachment, the range of work illustrated can be produced automatically by any ordinary operator.


The New Variety Stitch Machine can be run at a very high speed and will produce as much perfect work in three minutes as has hitherto been possible in three hours. All the Wheeler & Wilson Company's Zig-Zag machines, excepting that for the variety stitch, will also do plain stitching.

Our next illustration shows work done on this company's Eyeleting Machine, which will produce various sizes of holes at a high rate of speed.


It has hitherto been considered a great disadvantage in hemming and felling that the attachments could not be materially altered to suit various sizes of work. The Wheeler & Wilson Co.'s new patent combined hemmer and feller, which we illustrate, is therefore a great improvement, as, by simple adjustment, both hemming and felling can be produced of any desired nature.

All the above and several other special machines can be seen at the Wheeler & Wilson Company's head London office, where is now a work room fitted with power, benching, &c., at which they can be tested practically. On visiting this workroom, we specially observed the company's latest invention, which is a No. 12 fitted with a "walking foot." The object of this appliance is to prevent puckering, one foot being so fitted within another as to travel with the under feed no matter what be the length of stitch. The utility of this appliance must be seen to be appreciated.

We might add that this company have received a notification that they have been allotted the " highest award for fancy stitching and other machines."

Beyond doubt, many customers of this estimable company will visit the States during the World's fair at Chicago next year. It would certainly interest them to then visit the Wheeler & Wilson factory at Bridgeport, Connecticut and the owners will not only welcome this visit, but provide the visitors with a free pass from New York to Bridgeport. Last year's business in this country was one of the best in the annals of the W & W Company.


The Sewing Machine Gazette (May 1892)