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US 273.727                          Joseph P. Halienbeck

Button-Hole-Feeding Mechanisms for Sewing Machine

My invention relates principally to improvements in mechanisms for feeding to sewing machines button-holes having one end rounded or eyelet-shaped. The general object of my improvements is to provide a very effective, durable and easily adjustable mechanism, which, when properly combined with a sewing machine adapted to make the common lock-stitch, chain-stitch, or other suitable stitch from a continuous thread or continuous threads, shall be capable of holding and automatically feeding to the stitch forming devices of the sewing machine fabrics having button-holes of various sizes with one end rounded or eyelet-shaped, so as to thereby cause the rapid and thorough binding of the edges of such button-holes all around by a series of over edge-stitches, which radiate along the semicircular end and are substantially parallel along the sides of each button-hole and which, by adjustments in said mechanism, can be made of different uniform lengths and at various uniform distances apart and to firmly bar the narrow end of the button-hole. 

Assignor to the National Machine Company

March 13, 1883


US 310.677       Joseph P. Hallenbeck  &  Herbert L. Phelps

Button-Holes, Eyelet-Holes Sewing Machine

This invention relates, mainly, to improvements in sewing machines furnished with a work-holder and means for imparting to the work-holder intermittent momentary to and fro lateral movements and step-by-step progressive movements, whereby a row of zigzag 20 to-and-fro or over-edge stitches can be produced...

...In the accompanying drawings, Fig.1, represents in perspective one form of our invention applied to a No.7  Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, furnished with a work-holder and mechanism like that described in Patent US 273.727, granted to Joseph P. HalienbeckMarch 13, 1883...

Assignors to the National Machine Company

January 13, 1885