by William Schott




US 310.915                             William Schott

Button Hole Attachment

This invention is designed as an improvement on the button-hole attachment for sewing machines for which Letters Patent of the United States, Serial No. 98.778, were allowed me on 27th of October 1883 (Patent US 292.591 dated January 29, 1884). The objects of this invention are to regulate the speed of the form-plate by automatically operating mechanism, to provide improved devices for operating the reciprocating plate, to provide an improved device for barring the end of a button-hole and an improved device for holding and guiding a cording thread or cord and for assuring an even and regular looped button-hole stitch and also to provide improved cloth-clamps and button-hole form plates for such attachments as are respectively designed for light or domestic work and for heavy or manufacturing work. 

Assignor to the Schott Button Hole Attachment Company

January 20, 1885

Patented in:

England, GB 2.313 January 29, 1884

Fiance, F 159.997 January 29, 1884

Belgium, B 63.985 January 9, 1884

Canada, CA 18.712 February 26, 1884