Leather and Tailoring

Light Manufacturing and Family Use

From 1860 c.  To 1887 c.

November 1860
November 1860
Picture from NeedleBar
Picture from NeedleBar


Progress in American Invention

It is announced  that the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company has recently perfected and is now introducing, a new and meritorious sewing machine, the New Wheeler & Wilson No. 6, which is constructed on novel principles and seems destined to revolutionize the sewing machinery of manufactories. This seems to be one of the reasons why this company has received, at the World's Exposition in Vienna both the Grand Medal for Merit and the Grand Medal for Progress, since receiving the highest premiums at former World's Expositions and is the only sewing machine company recommended by the International Jury for the Grand Diploma of Honor.

It is also announced that the specimens of boots and shoes and other leather work that have taken the highest premium at the Vienna Exposition were stitched on Wheeler & Wilson's New Sewing Machine No. 5, which is adapted to a much wider range of work in leather and cloth than any other machine in existence.


The Manufacturer and Builder September 1873



No. 5 Cylinder Machine, Curved Needle ......... £ 10

1887 American Exhibition - London


After the American Exhibition, in London, the Wheeler & Wilson No. 5 machine  was probably replaced by the No. 12.