Friedrich August Clemens Müller


born July 13, 1828 in Dresden, † August 16, 1902 Ibid.

Friedrich August Clemens Müller initially worked for Singer & Co. in New York City from 1851 to 1854.

After his return to Dresden, on October 1, 1855, he founded the first German sewing machine factory in Dresden, the Clemens Müller factory, which was named after him .

On October 1, 1894, Clemens Müller applied to the Imperial Patent Office for protection of the “Veritas” brand name for sewing machines. The company was entered in the same year under reference M189.

Clemens Müller died in his villa on Holzhofgasse 4 in 1902. He left a company with 1.300 workers. His grave is in the Old Annenfriedhof in Dresden (from the main entrance right on the cemetery wall). It was renovated in 2004.