Georg Neidlinger


born May 12, 1839 in Alzey-Weinheim - died April 20, 1920 in Hamburg

Georg Neidlinger was the eleventh of 12 children born to the farmer Johann Adam Neidlinger (1790-1881) and his wife Magda. After the freedom movement in Kirchheimbolanden was bloodily suppressed in 1848, Georg's brothers Adam and Johannes fled to America to escape the wave of arrests. in 1856 inspired by his brothers, Georg Neidlinger left Weinheim in Rheinhessen and emigrated to America. He succeeded in the Singer Manufacturing Company from New York.


In 1860 Neidlinger was selected to organize the sales of sewing machines in Germany. For this purpose, he settled in Hamburg, where he worked extremely successfully in the following years: 15 years after founding the independent company Singer General Agency Georg Neidlinger, he had the densest network of sewing machine branches in Europe; he had 214 branches in Germany alone. His business dealings with the representatives of the German sewing machine factories were not very squeamish, but for Singer he was irreplaceable. Neidlinger was an excellent organizer and continuously developed the Singer sewing machine. Without him, Singer would not have been extremely well known in Europe.


In 1904, Singer opened the Wittenberg factory and Neidlinger had another commercial building built on the corner of JungfernstiegAlsterarkaden on the site of the former Hotel St. Petersburg, which was also known at the time as the Neidlinger-Haus, after several conversions until 1951 it no longer operates under this name. In Hamburg and his hometown Weinheim, he was involved in a number of cultural and social projects. He was one of the most financially committed founding shareholders of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, which opened in 1900.


George Neidlinger died on April 20, 1920 in Hamburg




...In 1862-3, the American Singer Company which had operated the installment business in the United States for a decade, appeared on the German market, opened branches, began to sell and thereby created competition for the German sewing machine industry that was difficult to compete with; at least not without the sell-off that has proven to be stronger in terms of sales ....

"Das Abzahlungsgeschäft in Handel und Industrie und seine Finanzierung"

(The retail and industrial repayment business and its financing)

By Waldemar Koch


VERITAS - STORE Official internet store of the sewing machine factory (Wittenberge)
VERITAS - STORE Official internet store of the sewing machine factory (Wittenberge)