Kommerzienrat Georg Michael Pfaff
Kommerzienrat Georg Michael Pfaff

Georg Michael Pfaff was the ninth child of a wood turner born John Pfaff and Regina Vogt. He attended until 1834 the Protestant primary school, then the county vocational school to its conclusion as the fifth-best of 30 students in June 1837 newly founded. At the age of 15 years Pfaff began in Mannheim apprenticeship as a brass instrument maker and finished this in April 1840. Pfaff undertook two journeymen hikes. The first led him to Mainz , Würzburg , Hof , Nuremberg and Augsburg , where he worked for two years . The  second journeyman hike was the upscale training and led him to Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Trieste, Verona, Milan, Rome, Marseille and Paris. In 1848 he opened his own workshop for brass instrument in Kaiserslautern .He delivered his instruments to Kaiserslautern, but also to the North Palatinate, where the Palatine minstrelsy had great need.

1849 was followed by the marriage with Johanna Crusius. From this marriage five children were born, two of whom died at a young age.

By 1858, he began the first construction attempts of a sewing machine, of whose existence he would have known since about 1850. 

1862 Pfaff constructed his first sewing machine after the Howe system. In July 1862, he delivered his first machine to the master shoemaker Jacob Peter from Kaiserslautern. The Kaiserslautern weekly paper stated in its edition of 13 July 1863 this machine before and announced that a new industry was opened in Kaiserslautern with the sewing machine manufacturing. Georg Michael Pfaff sewing machines sold until 1866 by various manufacturers and then began to recreate Singer sewing machines and to build its own plant in Mozart Street. In 1873 he handed over his instruments and tools to his brother Franz and he presented from now on only sewing machine. In 1867 already 110 sewing machines were manufactured with 20 employees. With his sons Jacob and George, he led the company to success.



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