Samuel Remington


Samuel Remington, president of the incorporation known as E. Remington and Sons, died at his residence, 18 East 57th Street, of this city, at 6 o'clock p.m., on Friday, December 1st. Mr. Remington was born in Herkimer County, N.Y. and was one of the three sons of Eliphalet Remington. The Remington works, (says a contemporary) at Ilion, N.Y., the best known of their kind in the world, were founded by Eliphalet Remington, sen., who began the manufacture of rifle barrels by hand at a small forge in 1846. Prom this small beginning grew the large manufactory which has supplied firearms to eighteen different nations. It turns out ploughs at the rate of thirty-thousand a year and other agricultural implements in proportion and has a capacity for the manufacture of from two to three hundred sewing machines per day.

In 1861 Eliphalet Remington, sen., died and the present company was incorporated in 1865, with Samuel as president and Philo, his brother, as vice-president. At the close of the war of the rebellion, Samuel went abroad, to effect the introduction of the now celebrated Remington rifles and revolvers to foreign governments. He resided in London, Paris and Cairo several years, making his home in London. A few years ago he returned to New York and purchased a handsome residence on 57th street, near Central Park, were he resided till his death.

In 1865 the Remingtons began the manufacture of agricultural implements, under a separate organization and in 1871, buying out the Empire Company, they went into the sewing machine business. A few years later they put their celebrated type writers on the market and later still they began the manufacture of fire engines. In all these enterprises Samuel took a leading part and much of the success of the company is due to his good judgment and energy. The sewing machine branch of the business has grown rapidly, especially the export trade; as their extensive foreign connections gave them superior facilities in that direction. Mr. Remington was a typical American man of business. He was just as well as generous and his death, even at such an advanced age, when his life-work might be considered ended, leaves a vacancy that will be keenly felt both in his business and his family circle.

The Sewing Machine Gazette


BIRTH:  12 Apr 1819    Ilion, Herkimer County, New York, USA

DEATH:  1 Dec 1882 (aged 63) USA