Pitt Brothers

1861. Pitt Bros. manufrs of sewing machines (Jas., Jph., Edw. & Wm.)

James, Joseph, Edward & William



1873  Partnership dissolved.

Notice is hereby given, that the Co-partnership heretofore subsisting and carried on between us the undersigned, James PittJoseph PittEdward Pitt, and William Pitt, in the trades or business of Machine Makers and Ironfounders, at Cleckheaton, in the county of York, under the style or firm of Pitt Brothers, has been dissolved by mutual consent, as from the 3rd day of May instant. All debts due to or owing by the said late co-partnership will be received and paid by the said William Pitt, who will in future carry on the said trade or business of a Machine Maker on his own account, under the style of Pitt, Brothers. The Iron-founding business will in future be carried on by the said Joseph Pitt.

May 9, 1873

1887  Partnership dissolved.

Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership undersigned heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned , John William Pitt, of Liversedge, in the county of York, and Lisle Henry Curtois, of Liversedge aforesaid, carrying on business at Liversedge aforesaid, as Sewing Machine Manufacturers, under the style or firm of Pitt Brothers, is hereby dissolved, by mutual consent, as and from the 24th day of January, 1887. The said Lisle Henry Curtois will pay all outstanding partnership debts and receive all moneys due to the said partnership.

February  2, 1887