MISTERO    No 1 :

Why a sewing machine with serial number 1.543.464 is badged O.QUITMANN 18 CITY ROAD ?

Was Oliver in partnership with his brother E. ?

What E. stand for ?

The J model, a transvere hybrid type , badged 18 City Road with the serial number 1.543.464 , could be one of the first machines imported from Germany by Oliver Quitmann. But why on the badge only Oliver is mentioned ? 

The below Instructions for Working, originaly mentioned W. Pierssene at 24 - 25 Fore Street. Quitmann will ad his name and address.

We know that Pierssene start to sell from 24-25 Fore Street the Vickers sewing machines. Did Pierssene return all the leaflets ( and the sewing machines...) to F&R ??? Perhaps the leaflets where made in Germany and delivered to England!


F&R   1.543.464  QUITMANN  18  City Rd
F&R 1.543.464 QUITMANN 18 City Rd


MISTERO    No 2 :

Form, 343.  5000.  10.21.  Eng.
Form, 343. 5000. 10.21. Eng.




Was this the form 343 printed in 5000 copy in Oct 1921 in England ?