Prescot, a moderate-sized and pleasantly situated, but not populous market-town, in

Hancashire, 8 miles from Liverpool, and 28 from Manchester. This place and the neigh

bourhood have long been celebrated for the manufacture of watch tools and movements,

which are confessedly much superior to any others in Europe. The persons employed in

4hese branches are mostly scattered over the country between Warrington and Liverpool.

*To these trades, the sail-cloth and cotton business have been added; and the manufacture

of earthenware is also carried on to a considerable extent. At St. Helens, near this place,

is established an extensive manufactnre of plate glass, the only one in the kingdom. The

, church is a vicarage of some value; its steeple, fifty-two yards high, is allowed to be the

completest in the county, Market day, Tuesday. Fairs, June 13, Aug. 24 & 25, Nov. 1.