Ludwig Damböck


Ludwig Damböck, owner of a K.K. excluding privilege,

Tulle anglais manufactory in Vienna, Windmühl No.77,

“Niederlage am Kohlmarkt No. 569 (Exp. Nr. 333)”


The exhibitor deserves the credit for having introduced the Bobbinet factory in Austria. In order to elevate this branch of industry to the known level of perfection, he went abroad, therefore attracted skilled workers and brought the first Bobbinet machines from England to Austria, which subsequently served as models for the spreading of the industry. Since its founding, the factory has grown so much in volume and improvements in production that it is currently one of the most important establishments in Austria that is progressing with the times.

The following were handed over to the exhibition: 9 pieces of tulle-anglais strips and 46 pieces of tattings or tulle tips, which the experts declared to be finished products.

Mr. Ludwig Damböck became, because of the perfection of his products, awarded the gold medal for the merit of having made a new branch of production indigenous and for the endeavor to increase its extensive establishment more and more.


Bericht über die erste allgemeine öſterreichiſche Gewerbsprodukten-Ausſtellung im Jahre 1835