1881  ALTONA


An International Exhibition of power and work machinery for small industries will be held in Altona next August. The arrangement of this International Exhibition has been fixed as follows :

Department I. for power machinery, subdivided as follows:

Class I., for gas power machinery;

Class II., water power machinery;

Class III., steam power machinery;

Class IV., hot air power machinery; and Class V., dynamic

electric hydrocarbon power machinery; whilst Class VI. has

been set aside for models and drawings of power machines.


Department II. for work machinery, implements, and tools, is subdivided into the following classes :

Machines for the manipulation of wood, for joiners, turners, carpenters, &c. ;

machines for the working of iron, for smiths, locksmiths, &o. ;

machines for the manipulation of tin and pewter ware;

machines for brass founders, tin founders, &c. ; machines for watchmakers,     goldsmiths, mechanicians, &c. ;

machines for working in leather ; sewing machines ; looms ; stocking looms ;

machines for cloth shearers ; winding and twisting machines; hemp dressing and hackling machines and rope making

machines ; machines for hat making ; machines for brush making; colour grinding machines; pottery and glass ware machines; stone working machines; horn work machines;

machines for millers, bakers, and confectioners ; machines for printers, lithographers, photographers, &o. ; machines for bookbinders, &c. ; machines for cigar makers ; machines for butchers ; machines for the manufacture of ice, mineral waters, &c. ; machines for the manufacture of screws, nails, pins, needles, &c. ; and coupling apparatus, as far as necessary for work machines.

Department III. comprises miscellaneous articles, as also objects manufactured by the machines and implements exhibited in Departments I. and II., such as:

Specimens of wood and iron work, tin and pewter ware, textile fabrics, printing, bookbinding, fancy leather goods, &c.

Department IV. is set aside for dairy machines and utensils, such as churns, cheese vats, and presses, &c. ; whilst

Department V. is devoted to agricultural machines and implements.


The title " International ' will not have been given to this exhibition without cause, for, being held in the closest proximity to Hamburg, the chief commercial town of the Continent, manufacturers will undoubtedly exhibit on a large scale, in order to draw the attention of Hamburg export houses to the adaptability of their wares for shipment to all parts of the world. His Excellency the Minister of State, von Botticher, has consented to act as president of this International Exhibition.