This Second Annual Exhibition of Domestic Labour-Saving Appliances will be conducted on the same lines as that which was held at the Agricultural Hall for three weeks in March, 1881. It was felt then, although the Exhibition was in every sense a most successful one, yet that the Autumn would, on the whole, be a better time for its successor. The Hall has, accordingly, been Secured for the end of August and the commencement of September, the Exhibition remaining open for 13 days. Large contracts have been entered into by the management for the purpose of its being very extensively advertised, both in London and the provinces, and it is believed, in consequence of the great improvements that have been made and the great discoveries that have taken place in the departments of Sanitary and Household Economy since the last Exhibition closed, that the one now proposed to be held will be filled with exhibits of more than usual interest. Applications for space will be dealt with in the order in which they are received. Charles Messent, General Manager.

This Exhibition will comprise all Appliances for Economising Domestic Labour, for the promotion of Domestic Thrift, and enhancing the hygienic comfort and pleasure of the Household, including all the latest inventions and novelties for Lighting, Warming, Ventilating, Cooking, Cleaning, Washing, Sewing, Gardening and Recreation ; as, for example:Chandeliers, Lamps, Stoves, Grates and Tubular Warming arrangements. Water-closets, Sanitary Appliances, Disinfectants, Electric and Pneumatic Bells, Venetian Blinds, Encaustic Tiles, Ventilators, &c. Mincing and Sausage-making Machinery, Filters, Dairy Utensils, Kitchen Ranges, Gas and Oil Cooking Stoves, &c.. Mineral and Vegetable Oils. Washing, Wringing, Mangling, Boot and Knife Cleaning Machinery, Emery Powders, Soap Extracts, Blackings, Furniture and other Polishes. Toilet requisites. Perfumery, Brushes, Soaps, Hair Washes, &c. Sewing, Knitting, and Kilting Machinery, Cottons, Threads, Silks, Needles, &c. Furniture, Carpets, Kamptulicon, Corticine, Oilcloths, &c. Conservatory , Green House and Garden Appliances, Lawn Mowers, Garden Seats, Garden Hose, &c. Stable Fittings and Appliances, Harness, Horse-Groomers, Clippers, Medicines, &c. Musical Instruments, Pianofortes, Organs, Musical Boxes, &c. Outdoor and Indoor Games—Cricket, Croquet, Lawn Tennis, Table Billiards, Puzzles, &c. Carriages, Bicycles, Tricycles, Perambulators, &c.

Applications for Space, Plans, and general information may be obtained from the Secretary, Thomas Brooks, 80, Wormwood St., London, E.G.