Extract from :  The New Improved White Sewing Machine

Mr. Clemens Müller, member of class 42 of the International Jury of the Amsterdam Exhibition, publishes what follows:

As I had the honor to be appointed by the Chancellor of the German Empire as Juror for the Colonial Exhibition of Amsterdam, I was in this quality, and as the only expert and man of the trade for sewing machines in class 42, appointed to examine, not only the German sewing machines, but also all those of foreign manufacture, and to claim for them eventual awards. The Singer Manufacturing Company had exhibited a very large number of machines, until now offered in Germany under the name of " Original Singer Sewing Machines," moreover, however, a great many machines of more recent construction, of which, as far as I know, only a few samples have found their way into Germany. After a scrupulous and essential examination, I could not claim any award for the former, viz., for the machines which at that time were sold in Germany, as they were by no means equal with the others, and principally with the products of most of the German manufacturies, compared to which they were of inferior quality. For the machines of more recent construction, however, I could claim a diploma of honor, which, in consequence, was awarded to them by class 42 of the International Jury." Visitors to the Amsterdam Exhibition will have no difficulty in recollecting that the machines alluded to " as of more recent construction " were essentially machines for special purposes of manufacture ; therefore, the award of the gold medal to The White Sewing Machine Company for the excellence of their purely family sewing machine was the more gratifying.