Redditch  1829



01. Avery William & Son

02. Bartleet James

03. Bartleet William and Clarke

04. Bartleet W. & Sons                                          Fish Hill

05. Bate Thomas & Co.                                        Unicorn Hill

06. Chambers Aaron                                            Breeden

07. Clarke Joseph                                                  Fish hill

08. Cox Charles Edward                                         Fish hill

09. Field Thomas                                                  Breeden

10. Field William & William                                     Breeden

11. Gould William

12. Guardner Jarnes

13. Hemming Richard & Son

14. Hollington William

15. Holyoake Benjamin & Son

16. Holyoake Thomas & Joseph

17. Mills John & Matt.                                        Beoley Mills

18. Milward Henry & Sons 

19. Milward John                                                    Fish hill

20. Peakman Joseph

21. Perks Edward

22. Reading & Turner                                            Breeden 

23. Roberts Samuel                                        

24. Shrimpton William and Peter 

25. Smallwood William

26. Swan Charles 

27. Tandy Thomas

28. Williams James

29. Wyers Richard                                                       

30. Yoxall William                                                   Fish Hill


Redditch  1835



01. Avery William and Son

02. Bartleet William

03. Bartleet William and Sons

04. Chambers John

05. Chillingworth and Son

06. Field Thomas

07. Field W. and W.

08. Gould William and Son

09. Hemming Richard and Son

10. Holyoake James

11. Holyoake Thomas and Joseph

12. Horton Wm. & Co.     successors to the late Mr. Thomas Williams

needle manufacturers by appointment to their Royal Highnesses the

Dutchess of Kent & the Princess Victoria  1 Hall Street  Birmingham

13. Mills John & Matthew 

14. Millward Henry and Sons

15. Perks Edward

16. Reading Joseph

17. Roberts Samuel

18. Shrimpton Peter and William

19. Smallwood Edwin

20. Swan Charles

21. Tandy Thomas

22. Thomas Samuel

23. Turner Joseph

24. Turner Thomas

25. Williams James

26. Wyers Richard  


 Redditch  1839


01. Avery James

02. Avery William & Son  

03. Bartleet William                                   Evesham Street 

04. Bartleet Wm. & Sons  

05. Bate Rebecca  

06. Baylis Thomas                                           Breedon 

07. Chambers John C.  

08. Clark William & Co.                            Mount Pleasant 

09. Crow James

10. Farr Martin  

11. Field H. & W.  (Late Field & Reeve) 

12. Gould H. W.  

13. Guardener Mrs. Jas  

14. Hemmings R. & Son  

15. Hollington Wm 

16. Holyoak Jas  

17. Holyoake Thomas & Joseph                          Alcester Mills

18. Lewis Wm  

19. Lloyd Edmund & Co.  

20. Lloyd James  

21. Millington Henry                                        Beoley Needle Mill  

22. Milward H. & Sons  

23. Moore John  

24. Perks Edward  

25. Reading & Turner  

26. Roberts Samuel               and (Priory Mills, Shirley Street, Birmingham)

27. Shrimpton John Titus  

28. Shrimpton Peter                                       Steam Mills 

29. Shrimpton S.

30. Shrimpton W. & Co.

31. Swann Chas. 

32. Tandy Thomas

33. Thomas Samuel

34. Turner Josh  

35. Turner Thomas  

36. Warin Joseph 

37. Webb & Lock  

38. Westwood Charles Jas.                 Headless Cross

39. Wyers Richard

40. Yarnall Josh.                                  Steam Mills  


Redditch  1842



01. Bartleet William                     Evesham Street

02. Bartleet William & Sons      ( patentees  73 Aldermanbury, London)

03. Bate Rebecca                            Brockhill Lane

04. Baylis Thomas & Co.                          Redditch

05. Boulton & Son                                  Chapel Green

06. Chambers John C.                                  Ipsley

07. Clarke Wm. & Co.                             Mount Pleasant

08. Field Thomas

09. Field W. & W.

10. Gibbins William                                  Evesham Street

11. Gould William & Son                           Alcester Street

12. Guardner Elizabeth                              Unicorn Hill

13. Hemming Henry                                 Chapel Green

14. Hemming Richard & Son                         Forge Mills 

15. Holyoake Thomas & Joseph                      Redditch Mills 

16. Lloyd Edmund & Co.                     Evesham Street

17. Lloyd James                                 Evesham Street

18. Locke & Mills        Unicorn Hill  (3 Scott's yard, Cannon St, London)

19. Mills John & Matthew                       Ipsley

20. Millward Henry & Sons

21. Moore John                             Red Lion Street

22. Perks Edward           Evesham Street  (34 Poultry, London)

23. Reading & Turner                       Redditch

24. Shrimpton John Titus               Chapel Green

25. Shrimpton Peter                         Steam Mills 

26. Shrimpton William & Sons          Steam Mills 

27. Smallwood Edwin                     Chapel Green

28. Stanley Henry M.                        Redditch

29. Tandy Thomas                            Unicorn Hill 

30. Thomas Samuel

31. Thompson John

32. Thornton William                     Evesham Street

33. Turner Thomas                           Fish Hill

34. Warin Joseph                             Chapel Green

35. Westwood Jas.                           Evesham Street

36. Wilkes Robert                             Redditch Mills

37. Wyers Richard                                Unicorn Hill

38. Yarnal Jos.                                    Brockhill Lane


Redditch is a hamlet and chapelry, in that part of the parish of Tardebigge which is in the upper division of the hundred of Halfshire; 111 miles N.W. from London, 19 N. by E. from Worcester, 12 S. from Birmingham and 6 N. by W. from Alcester; pleasantly situate on a commanding eminence, near the Warwick shire border, on the new line of road from London to Birmingham. A Cistercian abbey, of considerable note, formerly existed at Bordesley, near this place, some slight remains of which may still be traced: it was founded in 1138, by the Empress Matilda and, at the dissolution, was granted to one of the ancestors of the late Earl of Plymouth. The only articles of manufacture, for which this place has been long famous, are needles and fish-hooks: the making of the former alone employ, in the village and neighbourhood, about six thousand persons. A constable is appointed annually, in October, at the court-leet of the lord of the manor, the Hon. R. H. Clive, whose seat, Hewell Grange, is about a mile and a half from the village: the building is much admired for its simple elegance and the park surrounding it is finely wooded and laid out with rustic taste. The places of worship are, a chapel of ease and one each for Wesleyan methodists, independents and the Roman catholics: the latter, a neat building, was opened in 1834. A national school, supported by the Countess of Plymouth and Sunday-schools, connected with the church and methodists, afford instruction to the poorer class of children. Two fairs are held here annually, namely, on the first Monday in August and on the third Monday in September, both for cattle. The population of the hamlet is returned with that of the parish of Tardebigge. 


Population in 18..: 15.463

TRADE: The manufacture of needles and fishing hooks and tackle