GB 10.424                   John Fisher & James Gibbons

Manufacture of figured and ornamented lace or net and other fabrics

A grant unto John Fisher the younger, of Radford Works, Nottingham, gentleman and James Gibbons, of New Radford, machinist, for certain improvements in the manufacture of figured or ornamented lace or net and other fabrics; 6 months.

John Fisher and James Gibbons patented their designs of sewing machines on 7th of December 1844, the first embroidering machines wherein it was proposed to employ two continuous threads inter-looped or locked together for producing stitches. These machines were entirely worked out and constructed by Mr. John Fisher, of Nottingham, he being only nineteen years of age at the completion of his work. Fisher invented the peculiar stitch later known as the Grover and Baker "knotted" or double loop chain-stitch but which he merely applied for ornamenting fabrics.

December 7, 1844


Fisher & Gibbons invented a sewing machine without knowing it.

it was sufficient to invalidate Howe's (or Thomas's) patent, parts of which were accordingly disclaimed.