British  Patent      13.321 - 1850

                         John Alexander Lerow

A grant unto John Alexander Lerow, of Boston, in the United States of America, gentleman, for his invention of certain improvements in sewing machines; 6 months.

November 7, 1850

grooved needle & curved shuttle, rotary  machine



grooved needle & curved shuttle, rotary  machine

Fig. 20 - Blodgett & Lerow sewing machine, 1850
Fig. 20 - Blodgett & Lerow sewing machine, 1850

Fig. 20  Blodgett & Lerow sewing machine, 1850, as manufactured by A. Bartholf, New York; the serial number of the machine is 19. At right, an original brass plate from the same type of machine with needle arm and presser foot and arm, serial number 119


US 6766       Sherburne C. Blodgett & John A. Lerow      October 2, 1849

Rotary Sewing Machine


extract from The Practical Mechanic Journal  (1858)

John A. Lerow, of  the United States, obtained a patent in this country for improvements in sewing machines on the 7th of November, 1850. (GB 13.321/1850)  Mr. Lerow  has, quite unwittingly, no  doubt, re-patented and claimed specially the essential  feature  of  Mr. Morey's No. 3 machine,  referred  to as a type of its class in our  Fifth  Article.

(GB 12.752/1849)  August 30, 1849