British  Patent

GB  542/1733                                                      John Kay

A grant unto John Kay, of Bury, in the county of Lancaster, reed maker, his exors, admrs, and assigns, of the sole use and benefit of his new invention of an engine or machine for the better opening and dressing of wooll, whereby the same will be easier opened and made much fitter for the carder ; and likewise of his new invention of a shuttle for the better and more exact weaving of broad cloths, broad bays, sail cloths, or any other broad cloths, woollen or linnen, whereby the same may be made of any reasonable breadth sooner, with much less toil, more exact and even than heretofore ; to hold and exercise the same within England, Wales, and town of Berwick upon Tweed for and during the term of 14 years according to the statute in such case made and pvided.

                                                                                            May 26, 1733