BRITISH  PATENT  1.448 - 1857

1.448  Benjamin Hornbuckle Hine and William Onion, Nottingham, for knitting machinery for the manufacture of ribbed fabrics. These improvements relate to the production of ribbed fabrics where similar ribs are produced on both sides or surfaces thereof and have for their object simplicity in the combination or adaptation of apparatus employed, as also superiority in the fabric produced by such machinery with greatly increased speed of production. Two sets of needles, each affixed to a moveable needle bar with a stationary presser bar, are employed, but such arrangements separately are not new. The machine bar or that which carries the sinker bar, hand bar, jack bar and spring bar, is stationary, in place of having motion given to it, the knocking over being effected by the motion to the needle bars. By this adaptation of parts facility is given for both needles to pull uniformly at the machine course upon their respective loops, by which more perfect work will be produced.

                                                                                               May  22, 1857