BRITISH  PATENT  137 - 1857

137  George Tomlinson Bousfield, Sussex-place, Loughborough Road, Brixton, Surrey, improvements in sewing machines.                

The Invention consists, First, In a rigid feed bar, without either vertical or lateral motion, and sliding back and forth in ways or guides in a horizontal plane. Also, in the arrangement of a series of pins, through which the needle thread is laced, in order to give the required tension to correspond with the shuttle thread, without affecting its twist. Also, in constructing tho needle bar for sewing machines in the form of a segment of a circle, operating the shuttle driver by one end direct and carrying the needle by the other end, the said bar forming the arc or a circle of which the point of suspension is the centre. Also, in the construction of a slotted shuttle driver, so arranged and operated that, while the needle is being withdrawn from the cloth, the shuttle encased in the bowl of tile driver will have passed through the loop of the needle thread about the time the eye of the needle appears above the surface of the plate or table, still continuing its motion forward to complete the stitch formed by the interlacing of the two threads. Also, in carrying the shuttle back and forth by means of a single pin, so that the thread may pass over both the point and heel of the shuttle without obstruction; the spring to which the pin is secured and by which it is operated, serving also to hold the shuttle against which it bears to the face of the race, so that the needle thread may not pass beneath it, causing a missing of stitches. A communication.

Petition recorded                                                               January  16,1857