GB 2.649                                Jean  Lobstein

Sewing Machine

of Paris, 36, Rue de l'Echiquier,  Mechanical Draughtsman.  Improvements in sewing machines.                

Letters Patent sealed.                                                     November 24, 1855


"Jean Lobstein obtained a patent on the 24th of November, 1855, for a machine wherein a vertical needle and a shuttle are employed, in conjunction with peculiar arrangements of parts for holding, feeding and guiding the fabric, so as to admit of articles being sewed whether flat or tubular, closed or not at one end, with the sewing in straight, zig zag, or curved lines. Means are also employed for actuating shuttles of various lengths in one machine; for regulating the tension of the thread and for varying the length of the stitch". 

 from The Practical Mechanic Journal (April, 1860)


see also British Patent:

GB 236        January 29, 1856     (Daniel  Foxwell)